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Are there any workarounds to use alias emails with the Site Link feature?2024-04-29T16:17:44-04:00

Currently, there are no direct workarounds within Shopify or our app to support alias emails for the Site Link feature. We recommend using standard email formats without additional characters following a ‘+’ symbol to ensure compatibility and functionality.

What happens if I try to use an alias email with the Site Link feature?2024-04-29T16:18:05-04:00

If an alias email is used, the Site Link feature may not function properly. The account invite or activation link might not be generated, and the intended recipient may not receive the necessary email to activate their account.

Why can’t I use alias emails like johndoe+promotions@gmail.com with the Site Link feature in WOTIO?2024-04-29T16:18:26-04:00

Alias emails, which include a ‘+’ sign followed by additional characters, are not recognized by Shopify’s standard email processing system for account invitations. Since our Site Link feature integrates directly with Shopify, it adheres to the same limitations and cannot process these types of email addresses for account invites or activation.

I installed the site link, but when I test my email address, I don’t receive an invite. Why?2023-01-20T12:15:51-05:00

To properly test the site link, you should use an email address that is not already associated with an active account. Here is how to determine this.

Checking Shopify Customer Record to Make Sure it is Eligible for an Invite

  1. Navigate to Customers, then search for your test customer record.
  2. Click on the record, then use the ‘More Action’ menu in the upper right to check the invite status. If you see either ‘Send Account Invite’ or ‘Resend Account Invite’, you should be able to use our site link to send an invite through to this customer record. Just make sure it’s your email address on the customer record before you send!
Does your site link capability support multiple languages?2022-08-31T21:35:14-04:00

Yes, you can create translations for each language your site supports for use with our site link. You can select and individually edit the translation for each language. Additionally, you can create custom HTML emails for each language using our built in HTML email editor.

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