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How do I change the timing delay for sending invites?2020-03-13T15:32:18-05:00

If you need to change the timing for your invites, first click the ‘disable’ button on the dashboard. This will pause any invites that were scheduled to be sent for your store. Then, enter the appropriate timing into the text field. Once you are finished configuring the timing, click the enable button again to unpause your invites. Please note: Any invites for customers that were already in queue will not reflect the changes to timing you just made. Only those customers added to the queue after you made your change will reflect the timing adjustment.

Can WOTIO send invites sooner than 1 day?2020-03-13T15:30:09-05:00

Yes. If you choose to upgrade to the Advanced Plan, then you will have the option of setting the timing for the invitation to send ‘immediately’ (generally within a few minutes), within X hours, or within X days.

How do I set the timing of the invites to send ‘immediately’ after a customer’s record is created in Shopify or has an email address added?2020-05-21T21:49:05-05:00

Simply enter a zero (0) into the text field before you enable automatic invites on the dashboard tab. This will tell the WOTIO app that you want the invite to go out ASAP for your customers. Depending upon system load, the invites generally begin deploying within a few minutes.

How do I install the site link on my store’s login page?2020-05-21T22:02:48-05:00

The site link feature of our app is commonly installed on our merchant’s login page for their customers to see prior to trying to log in to a newly migrated store. Your customers will need to activate their accounts before they can login.

Here is the step-by-step process to installing this link on your store’s login page.


1. Visit the Site Link tab in the WOTIO app.


2. Edit the text you want to display along with your activation link. Make sure you put text in each field.


3. Click the ‘Save Settings’ button at the bottom of the page.


4. Copy the custom code block for your site link.


5. Navigate to the Online Store > Themes section of the Shopify admin.



6. Using the ‘Actions’ menu, select ‘Edit Code’.



7. Find your ‘customers/login.liquid’ file under the Templates section, and click it to edit it.



8. Locate the place in your code that is appropriate to display your site link, and paste your code block. Every site is different, and this might take some trial and error finding the right placement if you aren’t comfortable editing code.  Pasting it right above the login form usually works well.


9. Visit your login page to check the placement of your site link, and make adjustments if needed for fonts and spacing by using custom CSS in the WOTIO app. Visit the site link tab and scroll down to the custom CSS section to make any updates.

That’s it! If you need assistance with this process, please reach out to support through the WOTIO website, and we’d be glad to help.

Does your site link capability support multiple languages?2020-03-13T15:22:34-05:00

Yes, you can use the language of your choice when editing the text for your site link. This allows you to customize the site link to fit your own website, in your local language.

Some invites went to customers who already had activated accounts as well. How/why did this happen?2020-03-13T15:19:22-05:00

If your customers have multiple records in your Shopify database, they might receive invites for records that have not yet been activated. You should run a search on your Shopify admin for that customer’s email address to see if they have multiple records for that email address.

Here’s an article that speaks to some ways you can also merge customer accounts in your store.


I’ve migrated customers from another platform. Can the invite email only be sent to new customers?2020-03-13T15:18:08-05:00

Yes. If you tag your old customers with a customer tag, you can block those old customers from receiving invites using our tag blocking feature. That will leave only your new customers receiving emails.

The jQuery loaded in customeractivate.js is causing a conflict with the jQuery used in our Shopify theme. How do we fix this?2020-05-19T12:02:27-05:00

We have a version of our code that does not load jQuery, so that you can use the jQuery included with your Shopify theme.

Just replace this ‘src’ for the javascript in the site link code block:


With this:


If a customer does not have an account in Shopify but has clicked the “activate account” option on the site link, can an account be created?2020-03-11T21:53:43-05:00

If the customer does not have a record of a purchase in your store, then clicking the ‘activate account’ option on the site link will not do anything. If you would like to give the customer the option to create an account, then you would simply put an additional ‘create a new account’ link below the site link in your HTML, to give the customer that option.

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