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WOTIO is committed to making Shopify more productive for merchants, giving you to the tools you need to market your products, convert your visitors to customers, and retain your customers, all at a great value.

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Automatic Account Invites

Convert your shoppers to customers with less effort.

Automatic Account Invites enables the automatic sending of customer account creation invitation emails from Shopify to your customers. You set the rules on which customers get the invites, and when they get them. WOTIO does the rest.

Automatic Invites

Your customers automatically receive an invite after placing an order or updating their customer record in Shopify. The customer’s record in Shopify reflects their invitation status.

  • Set timing of invitations

  • Block domains from invites

  • Block or target customer tags

  • Send follow-up invites

  • Send reporting

  • GDPR & CCPA Support

  • Supports Locations Feature

Bulk Invites

If you have a large list of customers who need to receive account invites in bulk, then our bulk invites tool is perfect for you.

  • Great for stores migrating to Shopify

  • Send to all uninvited customers

  • Send to targeted customer groups

  • Send reporting

  • GDPR & CCPA Support

Site Link

Place a link on your site that customers can use to send themselves an invite. Useful for customers who come back to your site after you launch on Shopify.

  • Customize CSS to fit your store

  • Customize the included text

  • Self-serve for customers

  • Send reporting

  • Free code placement support

Email Tracker

Track Shopify system emails with ease.

Now you can track all the emails deployed to your customers from Shopify. See how many and which customers open your order confirmations, shipping confirmations, delivery notifications, and more.

Track 23 Different Emails

Track all or just a few of your Shopify emails. Start with account invitations and move to your order confirmation and other important emails.

Daily Reports

View simple reports of activity at the email level, or drill into individual customer activity.

Simple Installation

Place a snippet of code in your Shopify email template, or reach out to our support for installation assistance.

Simple Pick List

A convenient mobile-optimized order picking tool.

Now you can select open orders from your store, and generate a combined pick list of those orders that contains only the information you need to pick those items from your warehouse/inventory in a condensed format.

Easy Choose & Pick

You can add your orders to pick right from the Shopify orders view, or add them through the WOTIO app. Either way, you get a condensed list of items for each order with only the info you need to pick the order.

Made for Mobile

SPL was designed to be used with the Shopify mobile app. Simply select your orders in the Shopify app and use the actions menu to add them to your Simple Pick List.

Printer Friendly

The print view of the pick list is just as compact and easy-to-use as our mobile view.

Bulk Discount Codes

Generate thousands of discounts codes at one time.

Use custom prefixes and suffixes to create segmented codes you can use for multiple marketing channels or audiences.

Native Shopify Integration

Our discount codes are automatically integrated into Shopify’s discount administration so you can easily manage all of your discount codes through the native Shopify discount tool.

Optional Customization

Optional prefixes and suffixes for your codes can enable you to create as many segments as you need, all associated with one discount in Shopify. Additionally, prefixes and suffixes can be used for branding, campaigns, or special sale identification – i.e. BIGSALE1U795GH

Brand Friendly

We utilize a filtering technique to eliminate potentially offensive words from showing up in your codes. Even though the codes are randomized, we do our best to make sure words that might be offensive aren’t associated with your brand.

Monthly Pricing

Choose from any one of our 3 available plans.

Starter Plan

Get access to our bulk invites and other tools.

$0 / mo.

$20 per Bulk Credit

  • Bulk Invites*

  • Bulk Discount Codes

  • Simple Pick List

  • Email Tracker

  • Automatic Invites

  • Self-invite site link tool

  • Domain Blocking

  • Customer tag targeting & blocking

  • GDPR & CCPA Support

Basic Plan

For stores that only need entry level features of WOTIO.

$5 / mo.

$15 per Bulk Credit

  • Bulk Invites*

  • Bulk Discount Codes

  • Simple Pick List

  • Email Tracker

  • Automatic invites sent after 1 day

  • Self-invite site link tool

  • Domain Blocking

  • Customer tag targeting & blocking

  • GDPR & CCPA Support


Advanced Plan

For stores that want all the power of WOTIO.

$15 / mo.

$10 per Bulk Credit

  • Bulk Invites*

  • Bulk Discount Codes

  • Simple Pick List

  • Email Tracker

  • Automatic invites sent immediately

  • Self-invite site link tool

  • Domain Blocking

  • Customer tag targeting & blocking

  • GDPR & CCPA Support

* Bulk credits are used per bulk account invite deployments or bulk discount code group generation in our Starter Plan. Bulk Discount Codes are included with our Basic and Advanced Plans. Invite deployments can go to all customers or a targeted list of customers – no size limits. Bulk discount code groups can be as large as 100,000 codes.

This app was great. When Nine West needed to migrate to Shopify Plus we started looking for an app to easily move over our customers and allow them to start shopping. WOTIO Account Invites Plus was exactly what we needed and did the job quickly and effectively! PLUS: Great support from Dev!

This app did exactly what it was supposed to and the support has been top notch. We migrated our websites recently and needed to re-invite hundreds of thousands of customers. This app did it in a matter of a few days and increase our active customer base by tens of thousands.

This app is a lifesaver and a timesaver if you have launched your POS store before your online store. We used this to bulk send all of our in-store customers their app invites to get them registered to our online store after we launched it. Brian from the support team is great and helped every step of the way!

Needed this app after moving customers from Magento site to Shopify. If people missed the welcome email, they still had the chance to activate their current account vs. possibly being locked out. The perfect fix for a Shopify standing issue.

Excellent app and excellent support! Only minus is that this feature ( automatic customer account invite ) isn’t already a feature in Shopify. That baffles me a lot. [They] did a great job helping out with link placement – thanks so much!

It works well. And they have wonderful support as well. It’s a good thing that such app exist, I’ve spent so much time making sure the system of my store works, and sometimes this kind of function is forgotten. With this app, at least I know my new artist member joiner is taken care of! Thank you for such a useful app!


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