Shopify Flow is an amazing rules-based engine provided for free to all Shopify merchants. With it, store owners can use a drag-and-drop interface to create the rules that govern how some tasks are performed for your store. It can help automate reporting, automatically tag customers, and so much more. WOTIO integrates with Shopify flow to allow you to create the rules by which you send out your invitations. You can use the Shopify Flow rules to get much more specific about who receives your invitations, and when.

For example, you can have one ‘flow’ look at your customer that just ordered from you, determine if they are a repeat customer or new customer, apply a tag to their customer record such as ‘New Customer’, then send them an account invitation. Once you turn on this automation, it runs automatically without any staff involvement. With Shopify Flow, you have many more options for controlling invites than you do within our current customization options in the WOTIO app.

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