You’ll have your account invites sending out automatically in no time! Follow our simple steps below to get started.

Step 1 (Optional): Update Your Shopify Account Invitation Email

You might want to update the email to promote all the reasons an account on your store is important:

  • Reward customers with loyalty points when activating their account, and promote on-going benefits from your loyalty program
  • Promote easier checkout
  • Promote ease of managing order history
  • …and other fantastic reasons to activate!

Not sure where to find your Account Invitation Email? You can find it under Settings > Notifications in your Shopify admin. If you need help customizing your email notification, contact us through our support page.

Step 2 (Optional): Set Your Invitation Timing

You can configure how many days AAI should wait after the customer places an order or is created in the Shopify Admin before sending the customer an account invite. Simply change the number in the box on the Dashboard page. The default setting is 1 day.

Automatic Account Invite - Set Invite Timing

Step 3 (Required): Enable Automatic Account Invites

Before invite emails will be deployed to your customers, you must click/tap the ENABLE button on the Dashboard. Once enabled, you can sit back and relax. All of your new guest checkout customers or customers you create in the admin that are in a ‘disabled’ account state will be emailed an account invite after your specified wait time.

Automatic Account Invite - Enable